Maintenance & Safety Apprentice

Position Summary

The Maintenance & Safety Apprentice assists with Quality Control, maintenance of equipment, offices and safe working conditions. This is a full-time position.

Essential Duties/Responsibilities

  • Ensure that ordered material it is the correct quantity and type according to the Purchase Order
  • Maintain equipment and offices to the agreed upon standard and handle any necessary repairs
  • Assist with safety meetings and maintaining shop safety
  • Keep up-to-date maintenance logs

Other Duties & Requirements

  • Assist with shipping and receiving
  • Additional duties as needed

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities (minimum qualifications)

  • Working knowledge of fabrication equipment
  • Forklift and welding certified preferred
  • Electrical and hydraulic backgrounds are a must
  • Computer literate — Must know Outlook and Microsoft Word
  • Knowledge of shop safety

Physical Demands

This position is physically demanding. You will be required to lift a minimum of 25lbs. You are required to work in the shop, constantly on your feet.

Work Conditions

You will be working in a noisy, hot environment. You would be required to wear protective gear to ensure your safety.