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Seizmic, Inc. was formed by Sal E. Fateen in 1985. Since then, the company, specializing in providing solutions for the material handling industry, has grown to its present size of over 50 employees.

It is the only engineering and consulting firm within the industry that has engineers licensed in 50 U.S. states. They assist in the design of equipment for most manufacturers, distributors and users of material handling equipment across the country.

In 1995, Seizmic extended its reach within the industry by establishing Structural Support Systems, which manufactures custom structures. The company expanded again in 2005 with Submittal Services, an organization that assists clients with securing building permits. 

Most recently, SMHE, an accredited special testing facility focused on proof load and capacity testing, joined the family. These developments position Seizmic to supply the industry with the best service, products and experience in material handling and warehousing.

Sal Fateen

Founder and CEO

Sal Fateen is the founder and CEO of Seizmic, Inc., the only engineering and consulting firm within the material handling industry that has engineers licensed in 50 states for certifying equipment to meet building department requirements. A recognized leader for his understanding of structural engineering and more than 44 years in the industry, Fateen is often regarded as one of the most knowledgeable experts around and is an influential member of several industry associations, including MHI and MHEDA, which help drive industry policy and regulation.

Fateen received his master’s degree in structural engineering in 1972, and after several key positions with companies like UNARCO Industries, Fateen started Seizmic in 1985 and has since grown the business to more than 50 employees in its Southern California corporate offices. In 1995 and 2005, he expanded the company’s reach by establishing Structural Support Systems, an LA City and Clark County approved fabricator, (which designs and manufactures custom structures) and Submittal Services (which assists clients in securing building permits). Lastly, the company added Structural Testing Services in 2016, the accreditation division that focuses on testing of material handling components. These four groups together supply the industry with the best services, products and experience in material handling and warehousing as a result of Fateen’s vision and leadership.

Photo of Sal Fateen, Seizmic Founder and CEO

Jeff Woroniecki


Jeff Woroniecki is the president of Seizmic, Inc., and is responsible to drive the company in its goal to serve the material handling industry and continually evolve with advancement in technology and product intelligence.

With a degree in civil and structural engineering and an MBA in operations and management, he oversees all company operations as well as developing new partnerships with a focus on strategic growth planning.  Woroniecki has over 25 years of material handling experience including previous roles at Interlake, UNARCO Material Handling and Material Handling Industry (MHI). 

While at MHI, Woroniecki was the Managing Executive to the Rack Manufacturers Institute (RMI), the Storage Manufacturers Association (SMA) and the Institute of Caster and Wheel Manufacturers (ICWM).

Woroniecki’s collaborative spirit and keen understanding of the material handling industry help propel Seizmic’s continued expansion in engineering, emerging technologies and education.

Nancy Fateen

Managing Director

Nancy started her career at Seizmic in 1998. Over the years she has held the positions of Customer Service Representative, CAD Assistant, Project Manager, Accounts Receivable Manager, Permit Manager, and since 2010, Operations Manager.

She received her B.S in Organizational Management with an emphasis in Human Resources graduating with honors from The University of La Verne.

In 2005, Nancy formed Submittal Services, Inc. under the umbrella of the Seizmic corporation to take on the growing challenge of obtaining permits for material handling equipment.

Photo of Nancy Fateen, Operations Manager at Seizmic
Photo of Al Kolenda, Manager of Structural Support Services

Al Kolenda

Manager of Structural Support Systems

Talar Banjarjian

Engineering Supervisor

Ed Choi

Manager of SMHE

Photo of Miguel Gonzalez, Seizmic General Manager

Miguel Gonzalez

General Manager

Photo of Michelle Nickell, Customer Service Supervisor

Michelle Nickell

Customer Service Supervisor

Our Team

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