Approved Anchor List

Updated May 2019

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Aerosmith Sure Wedge Wedge type (ESR #4413) 03/2021 Up to 2015 IBC
Brighton Best US Anchor Ultrawedge Wedge type (ESR #3981) 22-Oct
Cobra Cobra Parawedge Wedge type (ESR #3852) 03/2022 Up to 2015 IBC
DeWalt Power Bolt Power Bolt Wedge type (ESR #3260) 21-Nov
DeWalt SD2 Power Stud SD2 Wedge type (ESR #2502) 21-May
DeWalt SD1 Power Stud SD1 Wedge type (ESR #2818) 20-Dec
DeWalt Screw Bolt Screw bolt Screw type (ESR #3889) 21-Nov
Fastenal FPAS Wedge Wedge type (ESR #4385 22-Feb
Fischerwork GMBH FAZ II Wedge type (ESR #2948) 01/2022 Up to 2015 IBC
Hilti KB-VTZ KB-VTZ Wedge type (ESR #3904) 20-Dec
Hilti TZ Kwik bolt TZ Wedge type (ESR #1917) 21-May
Hilti HSL-3 HSL-3 Wedge type (ESR #1545) 22-Mar
Hilti HUS EZ HUS EZ (KH-EZ) Screw type (ESR #3027) 21-Dec
ITW Buildex Tapcon Screw type (ESR #3699) 03/2022 Up to 2015 IBC
MKT Fastening Sup-R-Stud V-TZ Wedge type (ESR #4278) 09/2021 Up to 2015 IBC
MKT Fastening Sup-R-Bolt Screw type (ESR #4347) 20-Dec
MKT GMBH SRS Wedge type (ESR #3782) 05/2022 Up to 2012 IBC
MKT MKT SZ Wedge type (ESR #3173) 20-Dec
Simpson Strongbolt 2 Strongbolt 2 Wedge type (ESR #3037) 21-Aug
Simpson Titen Titen HD Screw type (ESR #2713) 21-Sep