Engineering Technician Apprentice

Position Summary 

The Engineering Technician Apprentice at SMHE assists with plans, produces and assembles mechanical testing equipment used for testing various material handling equipment. This position requires an individual to troubleshoot, repair and perform regular maintenance on testing equipment in a dynamic environment. 

Essential Duties/Responsibilities  

  • Identify test specimens, schedules, plans and assemble various apparatuses for testing.  
  • Ensure all structural tests and related equipment/services are performed on time, safely and in a professional manner.  
  • Maintain, troubleshoot and calibrate test equipment and instrumentation as needed.  
  • Collaborate with engineers to develop and document activities.  
  • Develop novel ways to streamline processes and increase the reliability of testing operations.  
  • Maintain testing accreditation requirements, such as scheduled calibration certificates, practicing 5S’s of Good Housekeeping, etc.  
  • Monitor and maintain a reasonable inventory of all test-related equipment, including transfer and storage, fittings, hoses, spare parts and other supplies.  
  • Prepare test articles, test stands and systems for test operations:   
    • Maintain and record all quality activities as documented in SOPs and test methods.  
    • Handle samples and perform analyses according to SOPs and test methods.  
    • Identify, record and correct nonconformities on Corrective Action Requests and potential nonconformities on Preventative Action Requests  
    • Anticipate action and reaction when tests are being performed.  


  • Experience working with and troubleshooting mechanical systems.  
  • Experience working with power tools and heavy equipment.  
  • Proficient in using measuring tools (e.g., tape measure, caliper, micrometer and digital & analog gauges)  
  • A demonstrated ability in understanding technical manuals and reports.  
  • Communication skills for relaying data between employees and clients. 
  • Ability to work independently and in a team environment.  
  • Adaptable to rapidly changing roles/responsibilities.  
  • High attention to detail. 

Skills and Experience 

  • Bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering, Electromechanical Engineering Technology or other similar disciplines is a must. 
  • Experience in fabrication/manufacturing process with metal mechanical systems preferred. 
  • Experience with data acquisition test equipment/services is a plus.  
  • Experience with testing processes and optimization of test processes is a plus. 
  • Experience with the use of hydraulic equipment is a plus. 

Additional Requirements 

  • Must be comfortable climbing ladders and working at elevated heights.  
  • Must be able to properly lift 50 pounds unassisted.  
  • Must be fluent in English.  
  • Must have CA driver’s license, auto insurance and clean DMV record.  
  • Should be able to (occasionally) work overtime.