Junior Structural Engineer

Position Summary

Provide engineering service including, but not limited to, performing calculations, preliminary analyses, and responding to plan check comments.

Essential Functions

· Prepare calculations

· Provide engineering services for various material handling systems

· Perform structural analysis and design various types of material handling systems

· Verifying Rack components

· Design anchorage to the floor slab

· Verifying the slab’s ability to support the imposed loads.

Other Duties

· Other duties, as assigned

· Provide project management services to ensure proper implementation of various types of material handling systems

· Regular communication to the client via electronic mail and phone

· Addressing city plan check comments

· Providing construction support to address in-field conditions.

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities (minimum qualifications)

  • Civil Engineer Degree
  • Computer literate (email, Word, Excel)
  • Knowledge of SAP 2000 Software
  • Good written and communication skills

Physical Demands

This is a desk job and will require mostly sitting, with minor walking around the office.

Work Conditions

Reasonable accommodations may be made to enable individuals with disabilities to perform the essential functions. General office conditions and environment.